Predictive Analytics and Disruptive Futures

Forecasting strategic shifts and downstream impact for science, technology and society.

How does your organization make better decisions today to produce desired results tomorrow? Our analytic approaches lead to quantitative and qualitative descriptions of future environments and help our clients make choices today to better navigate tomorrow’s trajectory and achieve their future goals. We examine future environments, evaluate emerging science and technology, identify multi-market trends, and dynamically track the acceleration and deceleration of social indicators of change to assess clients’ potential portfolio gaps and misalignments to permit “re-baselining” for their desired future.

  • Future Scenario Studies
  • Global S&T Trend Analysis
  • Emerging Technology Mapping
  • Horizon Scanning
  • Foresight and Forecasting
  • Technology Sequence Analysis
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S&T Analytics and Innovation


Quantitative approaches to enhancing S&T partnering, investment, and impact.

What decisions must be made to optimally position your organization for innovation? For greatest return on investment? Or, for creating global impact? We analyze a range of S&T data sources with our custom applications to identify client opportunities to increase their effectiveness. Unlike many of our competitors, we engage early and often with our clients to properly frame the problem and to extract, describe, and illustrate meaningful data. Our services frequently lead to stronger client collaborations, unique cost-sharing/leveraging partnerships, improved IP and licensing strategies, and the identification and recruitment of the next generation of successful scientists and engineers.

  • Basic and Applied R&D Assessment
  • Technology Transfer and Transition
  • Workforce Development
  • Partnering and Outreach
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Market Research and Intelligence
  • Intellectual Property Strategies
  • Subject Matter Expert Identification
  • Technology Portfolio Management

Communications, RF, and Cyber Systems

Engineering, prototyping, spectrum sharing test and demonstration.

In a sea of communication and information network complexity, how does an organization chart a course toward procuring safe and secure technology? We create client solutions to this challenge using a holistic approach derived from systems thinking. With expertise in cellular, satellite, software radio, and cyber technologies, we account for cognitive decision-making influences within the policy and lower echelons of systems to satisfy operational requirements and stakeholder priorities. And with a particular emphasis on resiliency, we develop flexible and optimal mixes of material and non-material mitigations to assist clients with cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and policy.

  • Mobile App Development
  • Spectrum Sharing Analysis
  • RF Systems Modeling & Testing
  • Software-Defined Communications
  • Interference Mitigation Techniques
  • Cyber Physical Systems Security

Resilient Systems


Red teaming and systems dynamics approaches to improve technology, plans, and operations.

How do we build more resilient technologies and operational plans? We begin by deconstructing decision maker requirements into their component parts and account for technical, operational, and other critical variables. We then challenge strongly held views about the technical and non-technical solutions, build possible cases for alternative approaches, and evaluate apparent successes. Our innovative methods derive from expert analyses tailored to the identification and integration of unique technical and operational solutions.

  • Requirements Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Red Teaming and War Gaming
  • Risk and Uncertainty Evaluation
  • Operations Analysis