Quantitative approaches to enhancing S&T partnering, investment, and impact.

What decisions must be made to optimally position your organization for innovation? For greatest return on investment? Or, for creating global impact? We analyze a range of S&T data sources with our custom applications to identify client opportunities to increase their effectiveness. Unlike many of our competitors, we engage early and often with our clients to properly frame the problem and to extract, describe, and illustrate meaningful data. Our services frequently lead to stronger client collaborations, unique cost-sharing/leveraging partnerships, improved IP and licensing strategies, and the identification and recruitment of the next generation of successful scientists and engineers.

  • Basic and Applied R&D Assessment
  • Technology Transfer and Transition
  • Workforce Development
  • Partnering and Outreach
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Market Research and Intelligence
  • Intellectual Property Strategies
  • Subject Matter Expert Identification
  • Technology Portfolio Management